Grand Havana, Inc. has partnered with Can B Corp, Inc. on the research and development of a proprietary additive that will allow CBD to be infused into Havana’s coffee once brewed.

Additive manufacturing will be done in Can B’s Miami R&D lab and processing center or other production facilities as needed. 

To expedite time to market, Havana intends to leverage its scalable network of manufacturing and distribution centers throughout Florida, in addition to Can B's commitment to add the CBD coffee to its product offerings. The CBD-infused coffee will be available in Havana’s optimum blend medium dark roast in a 12-oz. double-zipped bag with an air valve for freshness. 

“After numerous discussions and much consideration, the company is happy to have finally found the right commercialization and brand development partner with Can B to bring CBD infused coffee product to fruition,” said Tanya Bredemeier, CEO of Grand Havana, Inc. “We look forward to branding our CBD coffee as the best products in the market. The company’s flagship dark roast Cuban-style espresso brand, Grand Havana, will also be the first to offer CBD-infused espresso, which will be made available to consumers as soon as possible in our cafes and online.”

Havana currently services over 1,000 retailers in the southeast market and is looking to expand.

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