Open Book Extracts (OBX) is collaborating with Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC) by leveraging BRC's research platforms to develop research-backed formulations and products including delta-9-THC.

From preclinical and first-in-human (FIH) dosage forms to optimization of formulations for late-stage development and market following clinical evaluation, OBX will work closely with BRC to develop the most appropriate formulation based on the physicochemical and biopharmaceutics properties of the cannabinoids of interest, the intended route of administration and the phase of development. The partnership with BRC also supports the study of delta-9-THC products and formulations, allowing OBX to identify the phase appropriate, optimal products for formulations including delta-9-THC.

"Current political and economic situations have created non-science-based products that are not serving today's consumers and are not designed to fill the research gaps we desperately need to fill to legitimize the emerging anecdotal evidence," said Dave Neundorfer, OBX CEO.  "Companies that base their brands on the research-backed formulations guided by science and develop corresponding products will rule global market share and recreate how we choose to find therapeutic relief along with relaxation and stimulation. We are excited to expand our research capabilities through our collaboration with BRC, in particular being able to add delta-9-THC as a cannabinoid of interest for our formulation research."

With a 76,000-square-foot research and production facility near Durham, North Carolina, OBX has developed methods to efficiently manufacture a broad range of cannabinoids from hemp and natural sources, including CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, CBGa, CBT, CBDa, CBDv, and THCv. OBX offers concept-to-market formulation and product development and manufacturing services, leveraging leading water soluble technology and unique delivery mechanisms to help its clients bring to market a range of finished goods, from core softgels, capsules, and gummies, to orally dissolving tablets, tongue strips, and aerosol sprays.

"BRC is pleased to partner with OBX, joining forces to further build the body of evidence to support the cannabis industry," shares George Hodgin, BRC CEO. "It is time we investigate the real science, and develop products for brands that take our culture to the next step. It will take a concerted effort. Developing appealing and effective cannabis-based products requires a multidisciplinary approach in food and pharma chemistry. BRC is a one-stop-shop for developing, modifying and improving these new products, and we're excited to work with OBX to help bring novel, well-studied, effective products to consumers everywhere."

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