Insa has launched the Big Bar, developed to give consumers more flexibility over their edible intake.

The Big Bar, available in Insa’s award-winning Double Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt flavor, features 100 pieces containing 1 mg THC, allowing consumers to experiment with micro-dosing or to eat more of their favorite treat.

“Many of our customers would ask us for a way to enjoy more of our chocolate without going overboard on THC,” said Julian Rose, Insa head chef and chocolatier. “We've been tinkering with the recipe to be able to do that, allowing people to have a full, pleasurable experience. Cannabis has amazing properties, and a product that allows flexibility, like our Big Bar, will let consumers enjoy more of their chocolate or working up to the right dosage in small increments until they reach their desired effect."

The Big Bar is made with chocolate that is caramelized during the conching process (a mixing process at high heat). This process brings out the natural color and flavor of salted caramel. It is then infused with crunchy bits of salted caramel sugar for a pleasant crunch.

The Big Bar retails for $40. It can be found at Insa retail locations in Springfield, Salem, and Easthampton, Massachusetts. It can also be delivered to select cities and towns on the North Shore.

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