California sublingual cannabis brand Kin Slips has launched a line of hemp-derived products under the Kin Slips Essentials brand.

The company’s first product, Shut Eye, is available online. Recognizing consumer demand for all natural, effective supplements that promote better sleep, Kin Slips has released a version of its popular sleep formula derived from the industrial hemp plant. This version of the product allows the company to offer customers outside of the California market a fast-acting, reliable sublingual strip delivery system that’s designed to provide a restful night's sleep.

“We are incredibly excited that Kin Slips Essentials Shut Eye sublingual strips are now available by mail in all 50 states,” said CEO Ron Richards. “(It’s the) same great product offering that is an all-natural, fast and effective way to get a better night’s sleep. The only difference is that the active ingredients, CBN and CBD, are now sourced from industrial hemp. Sleep is incredibly important, particularly in these stressful times, and now customers can use Shut Eye to improve quality of sleep and overall well being, wherever they are located.”

Kin Slips Essentials Shut Eye is formulated with hemp-derived CBD and CBN and other soothing terpenes like lavender, chamomile, pine and pepper, to provide an alternative to other traditional over-the-counter sleep remedies.

Purchasing options include 7 slips for $19.95), 14 slips for  $39.95 and 28 slips for $49.95. The company also offers a monthly subscription package.

Kin Slips plans to add additional blends to the Essentials line throughout the year, eventually introducing a variety of hemp-derived versions so consumers nationwide can experience the benefits of the sublingual delivery system.

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