Resonate Blends, Inc. has teamed with Nabis on distribution of its Koan Cordial line in California.

Nabis is the top licensed cannabis wholesaling platform in the state, supporting more than 200 brands and supplying 1,300 state-licensed dispensaries with products. Nabis offers clients fulfillment, warehousing, payment processing, financing, data analytics, sales and marketing services. Ninety-nine percent of the retailers in California receive brands from Nabis. In addition to its 97% on-time, in-full delivery rating, Nabis offers a marketplace that allows retailers to order products directly and allows brands the opportunity to reach retailers directly with messages and promotional offers.

Koan Cordials are available in seven effect blends. These offerings allow Koan users to choose both the drink they prefer and how they would like to feel. Resonate will offer Koan Cordials across California through the Nabis Marketplace in single-serving mini bottles in both the 3-pack and new single packaged offerings. 

“Professional distribution is the backbone of any successful retail strategy,” said Resonate CEO Geoff Selzer. “With the recent launch of our ‘singles’ line, the upcoming ‘multidose’ products and the anticipated launch of our first KOAN edible line, having a reliable distribution partner is essential. We are delighted to partner with Nabis so that we can provide accurate and rapid delivery support to our retailers. We are looking forward to participating in the Nabis Marketplace, which is a real convenience for buyers and provides greater brand visibility to the extensive Nabis dispensary network throughout the state. Nabis’ professional infrastructure, world-class software, attention to detail and data tracking from manufacturing to sales will prove to be of great value to Resonate as we grow our product portfolio and increase momentum.”

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