Joy Organics has launched two gummy formulations under the THC sub-brand, Budder.

One formula features 2.5 mg THC per gummy, while the other features 5 mg THC per piece. Both gummy formulas will contain 25 mg CBD, 2 mg CBG, and other naturally-occurring cannabinoids for enhanced benefits attributed to a synergistic effect of combining hemp-derived compounds. 

Every jar contains 20 gummies in three flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Orange, and Pineapple.

"Joy Organics will also continue to offer 0.0%-THC broad-spectrum products and low-THC full-spectrum products for those not interested in cannabis' intoxicating effects," said Joy Organics CEO Barry Smith. "We made the decision to launch these new products under a sub-brand to differentiate the two brands and better speak to our target audiences."

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