Golden Grail Technology has announced plans to enter into the CBD-Infused beverage market by partnering with South African manufacturer Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa specializes in hemp-infused beverages. Established in 2014, the operation offers hemp, CBD and THC infused beverages. Golden Grail Beverages will rebrand its existing beverage line and introduce an energy formula, a line for relaxation, and teas and waters.

"We're a brand developed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and we're excited to share our formulas with Golden Grail Beverages so that they can market and distribute a proven and successful full spectrum line of CBD-Infused beverages in the states,” says Anthony Smith, managing director and CEO, Cannabis Sativa. “As South Africa's premium CBD-Infused beverage leader, we are committed to showcasing the quality, education and brand attributes that set us apart. We are confident the U.S. market will accept our formulas as well as they have here.”

The energy formula is a proprietary blend of 5 mg CBD, plant extracts and a caffeine kick measured at 40 g per 100 ml. The relaxing line is composed of a proprietary blend of 10 mg CBD per serving and a blend of adaptogenic herbs known for their relaxing qualities. The teas are completely sugar-free, contain 5 mg of CBD per serving and cater to a variety of lifestyles. The waters are formulated with alkaline water, infused with 5 mg CBD per serving and packaged in a recyclable can.

"This is an epic event for Golden Grail, entering into the CBD beverage sector,” said Steve Hoffman, CEO of Golden Grail Beverages. “Our strategic partnership with an established brand will expedite our entry into the CBD-infused market and provide a success story to take to the trades. As a leader in the beverage industry, we must continue to stay relevant and give today's consumers what they want. The CBD-infused beverage category is here to stay and grow exponentially. We are confident adding this booming category to our existing portfolio of other growth categories, keeps Golden Grail ahead.”

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