The Valens Company Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Green Roads, Inc., has entered into an agreement with Signifi Solutions, Inc. to place cloud-managed Green Roads smart kiosks in premium mall locations around the U.S.

Green Roads and Signifi Solutions, Inc. have agreed to partner to initially install the smart kiosks in dozens of premium mall locations in bustling retail markets in the U.S., including New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado, among others. The agreement also includes the potential for an additional 60 mall locations in 2022. 

The first kiosk is expected to go live in June 2022 and is expected to include a full assortment of Green Roads products aimed at helping consumers with common health and wellness challenges such as stress, sleep, muscle and joint pain, relaxation, and focus. 

"This partnership gives Green Roads access to some of the largest mall locations in the U.S., thereby increasing overall brand awareness and opening a new revenue opportunity given the premium mall high foot traffic,” said Tyler Robson, CEO and chair of The Valens Company. “This opportunity combines world-class wellness products produced by Green Roads with cutting-edge smart kiosk technology developed by Signifi Solutions and premium mall locations. We intend to offer a full array of Green Roads products in smart kiosks and using  technology that we expect to be able to gather and understand both sales data and customer demographics on a real-time basis."

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