Ontario’s Four Fathers Brewing Co. is introducing You’re Dope, a line of terpene-infused beer highlighting two strains: Lemon Kush Mints and Purple Wedding Cake. 

Four Fathers Brewing Co. developed the “You’re Dope” series by collaborating with PhenoTech, part of the Lehua Brands family from California. PhenoTech’s team extracts terpene oils from the cannabis plant that can then be infused into a variety of products. For this collaboration, Four Fathers Brewing Co. infused terpene oil into its “You’re Dope” series of beer, allowing the aromas and flavors of the selected strains to shine through.

“By brewing a traditional lager and essentially dry-hopping it with these terpene oils in the right concentration, we have created, in my opinion, a series of unique, very complex, and flavorful beers,” said Curtis Jeffrey, head brewer of Four Fathers Brewing Co. “I think it will appeal to the curiosity of the beer drinker who is unfamiliar with cannabis, and definitely those who already enjoy the aromas and taste of cannabis products.”

“What we are doing here in California in the cannabis market is leading-edge,” added Randy Reed, co-founder and chief science officer at Lehua Brands. “It is great to see the results of this technology being used in creative ways to enhance and create new products. The cannabis beverage market in all its forms is finally taking off. We’re excited to collaborate with a creative brewery, taking on creative initiatives.”

The “You’re Dope” series will be available at Four Fathers Brewing Co. taproom and retail outlet and through its online store at FourFathersBrewing.ca/shop.