Charlotte's Web Inc. has launched the Charlotte Figi Family Grant Program as an annual initiative to honor the legacy of Charlotte, who suffered from seizures due to Dravet Syndrome, and her story that helped to change CBD access for millions around the world.

Ten family grants are being awarded in keeping with the 10-year anniversary of the Stanley brothers providing full-spectrum hemp formula to Charlotte Figi after her pediatrician supplied written permission. Each year on Charlotte Figi Day (April 7), the company will announce its family grantees and increase the number of grants by one annually. 

This year's grant recipients were selected by the Colorado-based nonprofit Realm of Caring, based on families with the greatest need. Each family will receive a year's supply of Charlotte's Web product to support each family's overall health and wellness. This year's grant recipients come from six states.

"We keep Charlotte's heroic story illuminated while also supporting wellness and relief for those families most in need," said Charlotte's Web CEO Jacques Tortoroli. "Our founders were there at the beginning in 2012 with Charlotte and her family. Charlotte's story stands for the true founding of not only our company, but the entire hemp CBD industry. The Charlotte Figi Family Grant Program pays tribute to our namesake by giving to health-seeking families with qualified needs."

Charlotte's experience became a shared experience by tens of thousands of families, many of whom migrated to Colorado. The activism of Charlotte's Web and the nonprofit Realm of Caring helped to change laws in dozens of states and helped establish two meaningful national farm bills that changed access to hemp for all Americans.

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