Kazmira, a vertically integrated cannabinoid manufacturer, has launched a strategic partnership with Companion Sciences to utilize its patent-pending CBD+Glucosamine formula and commercialize its joint mobility supplement in the U.S.

"We look forward to continuing our development and commercialization journey with Companion Sciences,'' said Kazmira Co-CEO Pulak Sharma. "They are precisely the kind of science-based, research-led startup that can leverage our innovative and trusted THC-free CBD products." 

The partnership provides Kazmira with exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute a line of consumer products based on Companion Sciences’ IP and know-how. The products will address pain and inflammation symptoms related to a variety of joint conditions. 

"We are very excited about this partnership" said Golan Vaknin, CEO of Companion Sciences. "Partnering with Kazmira, who is so well-respected for their relentless pursuit of offering safer, higher-performing, innovative cannabinoid product solutions, is an enormous validation of our underlying science. We look forward to working collaboratively to advance and commercialize this breakthrough product, which has the ability to materially improve the quality of life for millions."