HighBridge Premium Cannabis is set to begin its first production run of several cannabis-infused beverage products planned for the California recreational cannabis market at the Tinley Beverage Company Inc.'s Long Beach, California facility.

HigherLove, an aphrodisiac type shot, is the first of several HighBridge beverages queued for production at the Tinley facility. HigherPower, an energy shot, and LightsOut, a relaxation concentrate in shot format, are next up in the production process. 

"We want to get these products to market as part of the initial thrust to introduce the HighBridge Brand,” said HighBridge partner Vicky Hunter. “The other HighBridge products will then start production, and the goal is to have the full line of HighBridge cannabis beverages available in California in Q2 of this year.”

Following the announcement of Lakewood's distribution license and partnership with HardCar, Highbridge products are now set to enter the California marketplace. HardCar is a transportation and secured logistics company with a proven track record. They are unique in the industry, holding both cash-in-transit (CIT) and cannabis distribution licenses.

HighBridge expects to replicate its success in California by entering the Arizona recreational cannabis market this quarter. HighBridge’s goal for 2022 is to have its products featured in 10 states plus Canada in 2022. Currently in progress are Oklahoma, Nevada, Illinois and Texas.

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