Diesel Beverages, in partnership with Wefunder, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign with the goal of expanding distribution of its cannabis terpene-infused beverages.

"All THC cannabis beverages are prohibited from selling across state lines,” said Marc Brannigan, Diesel co-founder and CEO. “CBD beverage sales are also hindered by their inability to distribute them in every state because of numerous state regulations. Strain-specific terpene-infused beverages with no THC or CBD such as ours can be sold in every state because they comply with all regulations."

Brannigan also points to the positive effects of terpenes on physical and mental wellbeing. 

"Based on recent published studies, terpenes have their own medicinal properties and directly contribute to the entourage effect,” Brannigan says. “In fact, terpene profiles are the most valuable part of the cannabis plant and are responsible for the taste, smell, and effect of the plant."

Diesel is raising capital to begin distribution in Colorado, Florida, and Illinois. The proceeds will be used to complete additional production runs of their first four flavors: Lemon Abacus, Cherry Abacus, Abacus Diesel, and the soon to be released Pinot G. 

"We are raising money through a crowdfunding campaign because we want as many people as possible to be part of our revolutionary cannabis beverages,” Brannigan says.

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