Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation will release THC-only gummies later this month. 

The fast-acting, 20 mg THC gummies will be available in a Strawberry Passion fruit-flavored formulation. Developed with support from the company’s Medical Advisory Board, the gummies offer physicians a wider variety of prescribable THC levels to customize their patients’ individual treatment plans.

While Texas’ Compassionate Use Program restricts the amount of THC in medical cannabis products, it does not limit how much THC a physician can prescribe or the amount patients can consume to alleviate symptoms. As the state’s physicians prescribe higher levels of THC, Texas Original’s 20 mg gummies offer patients a more efficient treatment option to mitigate symptoms such as pain, spasticity, insomnia and nausea.

“Feedback from our Medical Advisory Board and our thousands of patients is clear: Higher THC levels are providing life-changing relief from the myriad symptoms our patients experience,” said Texas Original CEO Morris Denton. “What if the state of Texas enforced the same restrictions on active pharmaceutical ingredients for common drugs like Advil? People would be forced to consume dozens more pills to assuage their symptoms. Despite the state’s restrictions, Texas Original continues to serve as the leader in developing and distributing high-quality, high-THC medical cannabis products. We’re proud our new 20 mg gummies offer patients consistent results and the ability to quickly reach their prescribed THC doses while giving doctors the flexibility to personalize patient care plans.”

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