TSUMo Snacks has raised a $4 million seed round led by Casa Verde Capital, the cannabis venture capital firm founded by Snoop Dogg.

The new cannabis brand aims to elevate the way people consume THC through its salty and savory snack offerings.

"This capital will be used to supercharge TSUMo's product roadmap as the brand continues to fill a need for differentiated infused products in a space dominated by sweet-centric offerings," says Yoni Meyer, a partner at Casa Verde.

TSUMo brings consumers a unique and elevated snacking experience by infusing cannabis into familiar flavors and form factors. Low dosed at 10 mg THC per bag, the debut line of snacks features five flavors: Classic Cheese Puffs, Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchers, Zesty Ranch Mini Tortilla Rounds, Hint of Lime Mini Tortilla Rounds and Salsa Verde Mini Tortilla Rounds.

Since the brand's launch in September 2021, TSUMo's success demanded the need to expand its retail footprint and accessibility. Initially only available in select dispensaries in Los Angeles, TSUMo is now available for purchase at dispensaries across the state of California.

"This funding provides TSUMo with the opportunity to make considerable headway in bringing a wide range of unique snacks to market," says CEO and co-founder Caroline Yeh. "With this new capital, we will develop new flavor profiles and form factors, further elevating and expanding the way people consume cannabis."

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