Grateful Mary is pioneering a new breed of mixer: small-batch, healthy, and in one of its two debut formulations, enhanced by CBD.

Produced by Frontier Brands, Grateful Mary is now on shelves at retailers throughout the Southeastern United States and at dozens of Spec's Wine, Spirits, and Finer Foods throughout Texas. Grateful Mary is available in two variations: Grateful Mary Bloody Mary Mix Traditional and Grateful Mary Bloody Mary Mix CBD Recovery.

Both Grateful Mary Traditional and Grateful Mary CBD Recovery boast a umami flavor profile with lower sodium and a fraction of the sugar found in other brands, as well as the absence of any high fructose corn syrup. The CBD used in Grateful Mary CBD Recovery is odorless, colorless, and flavorless, which means that while the two versions offer different restorative experiences, the taste across the two is consistent, designed to be enjoyed with or without alcohol.

Frontier Brands partners with a U.S. lab that utilizes proprietary cannabinoid extraction processes — Nanotek — a newly developed process that significantly increases the absorption rate of CBD molecules within the body. Creating a water-soluble CBD isolate in a 40 nanometer particle size — the smallest, optimally-sized molecule for maximized bioavailability — Grateful Mary offers its customers a higher potency and absorption rate compared to other CBD isolates on the market.

Grateful Mary Traditional is available for $10.99-$14.99, while Grateful Mary CBD Recovery is available for $15.99-$21.99. In addition to placement in Spec's throughout Texas, Grateful Mary is in stores throughout the Southeast.

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