Mari y Juana Foods Co., a California-based cannabis edibles brand that creates products that highlight Mexican culture and traditions, has partnered with Vertosa.

Per their agreement, Mari y Juana Foods Co. and its subsidiary, Mari y Juana Beverages Co., will use Vertosa’s emulsion technology to develop new cannabis-infused food and beverage products.

"Vertosa has set the gold standard in emulsion technology and we are honored to collaborate with them on what we expect to be the first of many projects,” said Daniel Torres, founder and CEO of Mari y Juana Foods Co. “We look forward to developing delicious and sophisticated edible offerings that authentically appeal to historically underserved consumers. A quality, consistent product embedded within traditional Mexican cuisine, paired with Vertosa’s advanced infusion technology, will make for a combination never before seen in the cannabis space.”

Partnering with Vertosa allows Mari y Juana to establish itself as a premier cannabis brand while expanding its product portfolio that currently features ¡Mota Mix!, a cold drink powder mix, ¡Fresitas! (Sour Strawberry) and ¡Mango Loco! (Mango Chile) gummies. Production of four carbonated soft drinks infused by Vertosa is scheduled to begin this month. Together, Mari y Juana Foods Co. and Vertosa will build out a niche brand offering that expands the possibilities of the cannabis edible space.

“Mari y Juana Foods Co.’s commitment to producing quality, culturally rich, cannabis-infused products enables Vertosa to amplify our presence and solidify our reputation throughout the California cannabis market,” said Ben Larson, CEO of Vertosa. “Our shared focus on providing effective and great-tasting products that meet the highest of standards makes Mari y Juana Foods Co. an ideal partner. We are thrilled to join forces with MJ and create products that celebrate the rich culinary history of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in California.”

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