Australis Capital Inc., doing business as Audacious, has completed its acquisition of Lo͞oS, a cannabinoid-infused shot beverage company based in Santa Cruz, CA.

"We can now go full throttle and significantly ramp up production and marketing initiatives with retail and delivery partners across California to meet growing demand," said Audacious CEO Terry Booth. "Lo͞oS is another example of how brands with strong value propositions will attract a growing audience. I am very proud of how well the Lo͞oS brand resonates with the discerning Californian cannabis community, as reflected by our last production runs selling out in short order. We have big plans for Lo͞oS and intend launching the brand in other jurisdictions we are operational. Anthony and Ben, the co-founders, have done a great job in generating sales momentum, further strengthened by the incredible reach of the Eaze delivery platform. The future for Lo͞oS is bright and we look forward to reporting on our continued successes as we bring this product line to new markets."

Lo͞oS products are based on a unique nano-emulsion technology platform for rapid onset, are vegan, gluten free, low sugar and low calorie. The 2-oz. shots are infused with 100 mg THC (5 mg per serving) and are available in three flavors: Orange Crush Sativa, Green Dream Hybrid and Lavender Indica. Each flavor features a unique terpene profile and has less than 3 mg of sugar per bottle. After entering the market in the 2-oz. drink category, Lo͞oS plans to release a number of other products across several key categories.

"Our footprint keeps growing and so do our sales,” said Anthondy Bendana, co-founder of Lo͞oS and director of sales at Audacious. “Being such a new brand, it's exciting to see us already become the second best-selling beverage through Eaze on any day that we run promotions. Despite limited inventory and only recent marketing spend, the success of our limited launch just serves to demonstrate the resonance of the brand among its target audience. We look forward to significant growth in 2022.”

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