Greene Concepts, Inc. is set to launch its Happy Mellow hemp beverages in early 2022.

Greene Concepts CEO Lenny Greene first conceived an immune support beverage at the start of 2020. He discussed with beverage specialists his intention to create and market a drink that could support consumers’ health during critical times.

After much research, a formulation was created that includes vitamins and caffeine. Each beverage is also infused with 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract.

“We are in the final stages of completing the Happy Mellow product launch while we work with our current vendors,” Greene says. “We wanted to take our time and develop our Happy Mellow beverage line the right way while considering current FDA regulations regarding hemp-based beverages, as we responsibly enter into a fast-growing market.”    

The company will begin by offering Happy Mellow in three flavors:

  • “Be Well” Blood Orange Acai (200 mg Vitamin C)
  • “Be Energized” Lemon Lime (120 mg caffeine)
  • “Be Calm” Plum Punch (Vitamin B12)

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