Hervé has launched its Le Mirage sublingual cannabis hard candies and refillable storage and dispensing system in California. 

Le Mirage, originally launched in Nevada, was voted Best Hard Candy at the 2020 Jack Herer Cup. The announcement comes shortly after Hervé entered the California market with its signature macarons.

Le Mirage is a discrete, refillable, doseable and child-resistant cannabis hard candy dispensing mechanism that is protected by USDA-patented and proprietary technology. Le Mirage is sublingual, resulting in earlier onset and features the use of live resin cannabis extract that retains more of the attributes of the terpenes from the original plant but without any harsh plant flavor, thanks to Hervé's unique formulations. Le Mirage is gluten-free and vegan, relying entirely on a plant-based natural sweetener that boasts a glycemic index of less than 2%, resulting in a product that is virtually sugar-free and less than 2 calories per serving. 

Unlike gummies, chocolates and other hard candies, Hervé's Le Mirage hard candies don't melt or get sticky. Le Mirage will be sold in a 4-pack of inserts with a suggested retail price of $20-$22 for 100 mg. Each 4-pack contains four inserts, and each insert contains 25 mg THC (5 mg per dose, 5 doses per insert). Each Le Mirage 4-pack also comes bundled with a Le Mirage refillable dispenser.

Le Mirage will be available online at shop.herve.fr beginning mid-December 2021 and at dispensaries across California where Hervé products are sold in early January 2022.

"The response we have received to our Hervé macarons launching in California has been overwhelmingly positive as consumers in this state appreciate the quality and artisan touches that go into making our products by hand," said Cheyne Nadeau, VP of marketing, Hervé Edibles. "Only two months after our macarons arrived, we are thrilled to bring our Mirage hard candies to market in a form factor that is convenient, discreet and safe to carry and consume. In addition to being delicious, our Mirage hard candies check all the boxes that California cannabis consumers are looking for in products these days: gluten free, vegan, low sugar, low calorie, faster onset, solventless live resin active ingredients."

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