Crisp & Crude has introduced botanical, non-alcoholic cocktails that are infused with plant terpenes and broad-spectrum hemp (20 mg CBD).

Botanical terpenes are natural aromatics found in plants, fruits, and roots that can have an immediate impact on mood. Each cocktail is intentionally crafted with different blends of terpenes to deliver specific benefits, and each one is inspired by a traditional cocktail recipe.

Available varieties include:

  • OG Tonic: Piney juniper, bright tonic, gentian root and Lime OG terpenes
  • Mellow Mule: Juicy pineapple, ginger heat, muddled mint, and Pineapple Express terpenes (Hemp-free version also available)
  • Gold Fashioned: Aged oak barrel, bitter orange, zesty dandelion, and Chocolate Thai terpenes (Hemp-free version also available)
  • Paloma Daydream: Rio Red grapefruit, charred oak, a dash of salt, and Space Queen terpenes (Hemp-free version also available)

The Botanical Terpene + Hemp cocktails are available for $23.99 per 4-pack and the hemp-free Botanical Terpene cocktails are available for $21.99 per 4-pack.

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