Hi5, a cannabis-infused seltzer brand by Theory Wellness, has launched its full product line in Maine. 

Hi5 has experienced rapid growth in Massachusetts with roughly three-quarters of a million cans sold since it was initially released in March 2021. It contains zero calories, all-natural ingredients and low doses of THC, with penetration across almost 50 recreational and medical dispensary locations in the Commonwealth.

"One of the driving forces behind the drink's success is that it's guilt-free," said Brandon Pollock, CEO of Theory Wellness. "You can go out, have a couple, and not have to worry about how you'll feel the next day. Hi5 is addressing the rising consumer demand for alternatives to alcohol while attracting those new to cannabis who may be more averse to other product categories like inhalables." 

Hi5 will be produced at Theory Wellness' Maine facility and available exclusively at their retail locations in South Portland, Waterville, and Bangor at launch.

"Maine offers unlimited outdoor activities, top-notch food and beverage, and has an impressive cannabis industry which all point toward a welcome reception for a brand like Hi5," Pollock says. 

Shortly following the initial launch, Theory Wellness expects to also begin selling their Hi5 fast-acting chews.

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