Kiva Sales and Service has partnered with CLSICS, a San Diego cannabis brand focused on producing full-spectrum live rosin and rosin-infused products.

"We strive to offer cannabis consumers an unrivaled product portfolio to serve their diverse tastes,” said Kiva Sales and Service Co-Founder Scott Palmer. "CLSICS' CEO and Founder Mathew Trautt and his talented team have really innovated the cannabis space with their 'farm to flame' family of rosin products, and we're delighted to help support CLSICS' expansion and further their mission."

Kiva Sales and Service will offer cannabis dispensaries a complete suite of CLSICS brands across multiple industry categories, including live rosin concentrate, rosin-infused pre rolls, live rosin vapes, and live rosin gummies. 

The CLSICS process is designed to capture the true essence of every strain selected, resulting in an unrivaled, terpene-rich and full-spectrum experience. All CLSICS products are produced by using ice, water, heat, and pressure, and are completely free of any residual solvents typically present in hash made from butane or CO2 extraction methods.

"All of us at CLSICS are excited and honored to partner with Kiva Sales and Service, which has an incredible legacy of building brands and has really become an industry leader in California cannabis over the past decade," said Mathew Trautt, CLSICS founder and CEO.

Kiva Sales and Service and CLSICS have extensive experience producing and releasing groundbreaking products, while offering a visionary approach to connect with new, untapped cannabis consumers. This new partnership will accelerate a significant expansion of CLSICS products throughout California via strategic deployment of distribution resources and an integrated sales approach between CLSICS and Kiva Sales and Service sales teams.

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