Through a partnership with Vertosa, Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation’s (TOCC) medical cannabis products will be the first and only in Texas to feature Vertosa’s solutions.

TOCC will use Vertosa’s nanoemulsion technology to provide quicker onsets, product predictability and dosage consistency. TOCC’s new line of gummies will be its first physician-approved product to exclusively incorporate Vertosa’s nanoemulsion solutions. 

Available to TOCC patients on Sept. 1, the gummies will leverage Vertosa’s state-of-the-art, water-dispersible solutions to increase the gummies’ bioavailability, enhancing the benefits of medical cannabis for various conditions included in Texas’ Compassionate Use Program.

“As the medical cannabis leader in Texas, we’re always looking for ways to create and improve products on behalf of our patients,” said TOCC CEO Morris Denton. “The needs of our patients come first. We’ve heard time and again the importance of quality and consistency in our products. Vertosa’s fast-acting, consistent and safe solutions are the best in the cannabis industry, and we’re excited to bring their nanoemulsion technology and solutions to our patients in Texas.”

Vertosa’s emulsions deliver active cannabis ingredients to consumers. The company collaborates with brands across the country to incorporate its emulsions into products such as cannabis-infused beverages, gummies and other form factors.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Texas’ leading medical cannabis provider and bring the unique advantages of our emulsion systems, like bioavailability and homogeneity, to the state’s market,” said Vertosa CEO Benjamin Larson. “Our emulsion technology will enable TOCC to customize its products and offer patients greater control in dosing and quicker onset upon administration with the highest quality ingredients.”

TOCC’s gummies are formulated under the guidance of its Medical Advisory Board and ease patient symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, neuropathic pain or numbness, lack of appetite, sleep problems, nausea and others.

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