St. Louis, Missouri-based BeLeaf Medical and O’Fallon Brewery have launched MOHI, a non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beer.

“In 2019, we started discussions with BeLeaf about the opportunity to create a unique beverage that contained cannabis,” said Jim Gorczyca, president of O’Fallon Brewery. “While just 1 percent of cannabis is consumed through beverages, only a fraction of that is beer because most cannabis beverages are sodas or seltzers. Only BeLeaf and very few others are taking the time to brew hand crafted beer, remove the alcohol and then infuse it with THC. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.” 

Featuring orange and vanilla flavors, MOHI is created using small-batch brewing techniques. Each 12-oz. can contains 5 mg of emulsified THC and 80 calories.

“We determined that consumers who like craft beer would also want similar options for non-alcohol beer,” said Brian Owens, head brewmaster for O’Fallon Brewery. “The O’Fallon process is truly unique — we start with a traditional beer recipe which goes through full fermentation and then we gently remove the alcohol in vacuum under strict temperature controls. We end up with great NA beer that tastes as close to real beer as you can get.”

“We have seen the immediate embrace of THC-infused beverages, and the growing buzz around alcohol alternatives in society as a whole, so we knew the demand for new and better adult beverage options was exploding beyond the cannabis world and O’Fallon Brewery was the perfect place to start,” added BeLeaf Medical CMO Mitch Meyers. “We think the brand will be a favorite and we know that patients are looking for new ways to consume cannabis.”

MOHI is available at all SWADE cannabis dispensary locations for Missouri medical card patients.

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