Washington’s Tre HoldCo has launched in California with Bad Hombre Cannabis’ 12-gram artisanal chocolate bars packed with 100 mg of cannabis extract. 

Created with Mexican entrepreneur and Tre Hold Co. CMO Jorge Inda Meza, Bad Hombre Cannabis chocolate is the first product in a new line of fast-acting infused food and beverages with a LatinX identity from Tre HoldCo subsidiary, The Homeric Co.

"Each of the brands under the Tre HoldCo umbrella has its own personality," said Tre HoldCo co-founder and CEO Marco Hoffman. "We wanted to pair Jorge's vision for Bad Hombre Cannabis with an exceptionally innovative product. Not only is it a delicious artisanal-style chocolate, but also a true first-to-market in its use of fast onset, high bio-availability technology. We couldn't be more excited to launch this new type of THC edible in California."

Bad Hombre Cannabis is infused with THC using SōRSE emulsion technology. The unique process ensures high bioavailability and a fast THC absorption rate.

"We created Bad Hombre Cannabis to break stereotypes and to open minds,” Inda Meza said.  “LatinX, BIPOC and other minorities represent a bright, industrious, and utterly positive future of this great nation. We turn the ‘Bad Hombre’ term around to celebrate our identity and our honest pursuit of the American Dream. The growing cannabis industry should open its massive potential to hard working black and brown entrepreneurs. This will bring economic progress and opportunities to those communities, and in turn improve everyone's quality of life. I am committed to helping others less fortunate get the same chance my partners and I had to build businesses."

Tre HoldCo took over manufacturing, sales and distribution of beverages from SōRSE/GML (Green Med Labs) Beverages in October 2020.

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