KhuenPhu (pronounced Kun-Pooh), an AAPI-owned and woman-led CBD brand, has launched with a catalog of cannabis-infused products that aim to bring physical and emotional balance and relief to the Asian community.

Inspired by founder Sysamone Phaphon’s Lao heritage and rooted in her deep respect and love for Asian culture, KhuenPhu blends centuries-old tradition with state-of-the-art cannabis emulsion technology to offer CBD gummies and tinctures that modernize AAPI healing rituals. 

Following her experience as an employee of Vertosa, a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products, Phaphon collaborated with her former colleagues to develop KhuenPhu and open a new pathway for Asians interested in using plant-based medicine for overall health and wellness.

Taking notes from Asian cuisine, KhuenPhu’s CBD gummies feature time-honored flavors like Lychee, Mango, Guava, and Passionfruit. Available in two categories, Day or Night, the CBD gummies can be incorporated throughout the day in order to achieve desired effects.

Powered by Vertosa’s fast-acting, broad spectrum hemp CBD nanoemulsion, the Lychee and Mango gummies were developed to jump start the day and bring balance to any routine. Broad-spectrum hemp oil retains the powerful and restorative phytochemicals from the hemp plant without THC. The Guava and Passionfruit gummies are infused with full-spectrum hemp CBD, providing deep relaxation. Full-spectrum hemp oil also includes the important phytochemicals that ease the body and mind in addition to .03% of non-intoxicating THC. Each rapid-onset gummy contains 10 mg CBD and are crafted with organic, vegan-friendly ingredients.

The company also features a 500 mg water-soluble CBD tincture that is formulated with broad-spectrum hemp nanoemulsion to provide a fast-onset, reliable potency, and longer shelf-life.

“We design cannabis products that heal, strengthen and unify Southeast Asians and uplift our communities,” Phaphon said. “KhuenPhu was developed to modernize Asian healing traditions, and to provide Asian immigrants, first-generation, and matriarchs access to potent CBD products derived from cutting-edge technologies for mental and physical healing.”

“Vertosa makes the healing power of cannabis approachable and accessible to all by using science-first emulsion technology to reimagine how cultural traditions and product form factors can deliver the health and wellness properties of the plant,” said Vertosa CEO Ben Larson. “We are honored to partner with Sysamone, a former Vertosa employee, and KhuenPhu to offer healing plant medicine and balance to the AAPI communities.”

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