Papa & Barkley has introduced its new Sleep Releaf Collection, a line of chemical-free, cannabis-infused sleep aids that offer an effective, natural solution for better sleep. 

The brand takes a holistic approach to sleep, infusing its Sleep Releaf Products with a formula of CBD for relaxation, THC for comfort, and CBN for sedative effects to help consumers fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Papa & Barkley's Sleep Releaf Collection is available now in California dispensaries.

"Up to 70 million American adults currently struggle with sleep disorders,” said Papa & Barkley CEO Evelyn Wang. “As a wellness brand, we felt a responsibility to find a better sleep solution, so we set out to create an effective yet natural product. Sleep Releaf really delivers on our mission to unlock the power of cannabis to improve lives. Sleep is a core pillar of good health and when we're able to sleep better we improve our overall wellness. We're anticipating this to be our biggest launch ever with a substantial marketing plan behind it to fuel rapid acceleration."

Papa & Barkley's Sleep Releaf Collection features four products – capsules, tincture, Blackberry Elderberry gummies, and Pomegranate dark chocolate – so consumers can personalize their bedtime rituals.

Recognizing the importance of effective sleep aids that do not cause harmful side effects, Papa & Barkley conducted an at-home product test on a CBN-infused sleep product. After two weeks of using the formula, the study’s more than 90 participants reported an 80 percent improvement in sleep quality. They:

  • Fell asleep faster: 20 minutes faster each night.
  • Stayed asleep longer: slept 1 hour more per night.
  • Woke up feeling refreshed: 90 percent reported little or no side effects – including grogginess

"At Papa & Barkley, we are firm believers in true plant medicine," says Guy Rocourt, president and chief product officer at Papa & Barkley. "CBN is a minor cannabinoid known for its sedative effects and found in aged cannabis or cannabis exposed to heat and light; during the aging process THC converts into CBN. Most brands use chemical processes to extract CBN, but at Papa & Barkley we are committed to clean, solventless infusion processes. We are pioneering an innovative, completely chemical-free way to convert THC-rich rosin into CBN-rich rosin using heat. This ensures our Sleep Releaf products are infused with the plant's full nutrient profile to maximize sleep benefits."

Mitch Earleywine, PhD, a professor at SUNY Albany and a member of the Papa & Barkley Scientific Advisory Board who helped the brand conduct its home-use test, added: "Papa & Barkley places a tremendous value in Real World Evidence, so the team put the new Sleep Releaf formula to the test. I am extremely proud to have helped Papa & Barkley become the first brand in California to test the sleep benefits of a CBN-infused product and am even more impressed with the results."

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