Vertosa has been issued a United States patent for one of its core emulsion formulas. 

Validated by more than two years of use in the market, the now patented formula is part of a growing portfolio of intellectual property for Vertosa and its brand partners.

“Vertosa’s patent is a key indicator that the U.S. cannabis industry can continue to mature by creating intellectual property that wins the trust of food and beverage brands, both large and small,” said Vertosa CEO Ben Larson.

Vertosa was issued a U.S. patent May 25, 2021 for a core emulsion formula it has been using since 2019 with brands such as Vita Coco EU, WUNDER, Artet and Calexo. Vertosa’s water-dispersible solution is more bioavailable than conventional oils, which means consumers benefit from a consistent experience and more rapid onset, allowing for greater control and metered dosing.

Vertosa’s patented technology, and the company’s portfolio of emulsions, are among the most stable solutions on the market, especially as it pertains to aluminum can stability. This means the solutions do not experience separation, sedimentation, or droplet size increases and have been lab tested for a variety of manufacturing processes.

Additionally, Vertosa announced it will work with Emery Pharma to conduct multiple pharmacokinetic studies in order to better understand how CBD and THC is absorbed into the body and metabolized. This will strengthen Vertosa’s understanding of its products and will ultimately enhance the safety and efficacy of the company’s formulations.

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