Hemp Living has debuted Pot Rocks, small candy crystals that fizz, crackle, and pop with each mouthful. 

The nano-absorption technology used in the production of Pot Rocks provides a revolutionary delivery method for Delta-8-THC. Each single-serve packet of Pot Rocks contains 100 mg Delta-8-THC (<0.3 percent Delta-9-THC) in a patented foil-lined pouch for freshness. Available flavors include Grape, Watermelon, and Strawberry Banana. For best results, place the crystals under the tongue and let them dissolve completely.

"The anticipation and interest in Pot Rocks is through the roof,” said Don Engelhardt, director of sales, Hemp Living. “Simply put: users feel the effects quicker and they last longer than any other Delta-8 product on the market. Even the retro-inspired packaging design brings you back to a time when nothing hit harder than your favorite candy. High-quality Delta-8 products have put us on the map, but to launch a revolutionary new product in the industry and to have the Hemp Living name behind it; that's exciting."

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