SweetWater Brewing Company, LLC and Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. have launched SweetWater Broken Coast BC Lager – the first collaborative brew between craft beer favorite, SweetWater, and Canadian craft cannabis brand, Broken Coast. 

This new coastal lager is specially brewed to give a nod to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Flowing in taprooms and available to purchase, the base lager is refreshing with added twists of key lime and orange.

SweetWater and Broken Coast brands share the same reputation for small-batch, high-quality craft products and a love for the outdoors. Broken Coast BC Lager embraces SweetWater's motto of “Don't Float the Mainstream!” by breaking loose with one-of-a-kind lager.

This crisp 5.5% A.B.V. lager does not have a cannabis flavor and does not contain cannabis, but rather is inspired by the Broken Coast brand and some of its strain offerings. SweetWater's Broken Coast BC Lager features aroma notes of key lime pie and orange zest from a special blend of hops and other natural flavors, creating a truly unique, tasty, and refreshing coastal brew.

"With a strong aligned passion and value system, working with Broken Coast on the inspiration for this special brew was an exciting process for our team," said Brian Miesieski, chief marketing officer at SweetWater. "British Columbia is known for its coastal shorelines, and with it being one of the most beautiful and adventurous places in North America, we wanted beer drinkers to feel as if they are transported there each time they sip on this new lager."

SweetWater and Broken Coast spent over half a year developing the perfect lager to ensure that the product genuinely aligned with Broken Coast's West Coast vibe and delivered a unique and tasty new brew that craft beer drinkers seek a refreshing and easy-drinking lager.

"Collaborating with the SweetWater team and creating a craft beer with the same precision and passion that I have for my craft-cannabis has been a dream come true," said Kevin Anderson, founder and head grower at Broken Coast. "I'm extremely proud of the Broken Coast BC Lager, and developing it with Brewmaster Mark Medlin has been an incredibly inspiring and a unique process. For both brands to come together to create a first of its kind partnership and for Broken Coast to break into the U.S. market is an exciting time for us."

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