Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. is launching THC-infused RADsicles frozen edibles in Canada.

RADsicles are offered under the RAD brand in four nostalgic flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Cream Soda and Grape. RADsicles will be available soon to purchase at Canadian provincial boards and retailers, with the first shipment to the Ontario Cannabis Store already complete.

“This will be an exciting summer for Heritage as we add to our portfolio of popular products with first-of-its-kind recreational and medical offerings, staying at the leading edge of product innovation in order to deliver consumers products they want, and capture and maintain shelf-space across Canada,” stated David Schwede, president of recreational for Heritage. “Heritage is proving itself to be a leader in product innovation, which is keeping our consumers returning for multiple repeat purchases. We continue to develop disruptive products using our unique processes and technologies in the extract and extract derivative categories, keeping Heritage products at the forefront of consumer choice.”