High Life Farms (HLF) has debuted two new Nuggies flavors: Peanut Butter and Banana and Strawberries and Cream, both with chocolate. 

The additional flavors of HLF's THC-infused, chocolate-coated pretzel bites are available at dispensaries across Michigan and will roll out across California in the coming months.

Each flavor in HLF's line of Nuggies, initially launched in April, includes a pretzel core and comes in packages with 100 mg THC, featuring 10 bites containing 10 mg THC each. The Peanut Butter and Banana Nuggies feature a peanut butter and banana-infused chocolate coating while the Strawberries and Cream Nuggies include a creamy milk and white chocolate coating infused with strawberry flavoring. The new flavors are in addition to Nuggies' original chocolate peanut butter-covered treats, which have been the No. 3 best-selling infused chocolate product in Michigan since April 1, according to LeafLink.

"Following the enthusiastic customer response to the initial Nuggies launch in April, we're thrilled to further expand upon our robust line of cannabis-infused chocolates and present two new takes on quintessential flavors," said Ben Celani, co-founder of High Life Farms. "We've been hard at work in our facilities experimenting with various flavor combinations, and after taste testing amongst our team, I'm confident that we've developed two familiar and delicious combinations with our Peanut Butter and Banana and Strawberries and Cream Nuggies. We're excited to bring these two new flavors to market and will continue to build out this line to appeal to all of our consumers' tastes in the months ahead."

Following the introduction of these two classic dessert flavors, HLF will launch Mint Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate, and Michigan Cherry Pie and Chocolate Nuggies this summer. Consumers can expect  additional Nuggies flavors to drop throughout 2021 as HLF continues to innovate in shareable cannabis sweets and expand its chocolate edibles product portfolio.

"Our Nuggies launch in Michigan has been met with high demand and phenomenal reviews from our customers, and we're very much looking forward to introducing our extended line of Nuggies to the California market," said Vinnie Celani, co-founder of High Life Farms. "The rollout of our edibles products to the world's largest cannabis market has been a part of our plan since the very first stages of product development. We're working tirelessly to ensure Nuggies launch in California at scale and meet our highest quality standards, which customers have come to expect from High Life Farms."

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