Deep Six CBD has introduced baked goods with Delta-8-THC, including brownies, cookies and rice crispy treats, as well as infused chocolate bars.

"We've heard the stories from our parents and grandparents," said Nicholas Kruczaj, cannabis entrepreneur and president of Deep Six CBD. "They always start with 'magic brownies.’ It's a new age for the types of cannabis edibles that we offer to our customers to provide the help that they seek." 

Delta-8-THC can be an alternative for customers who won't or can't visit dispensaries. Stress management, PTSD, and relaxation needs are some of the possible benefits of THC.

Delta-8-THC brownies are only the beginning. Infused chocolate chip cookies combine the comfort of grandma's baking with a cannabis twist. Crunchy, marshmallow-loaded rice cereal treats provide a Delta-8 experience wrapped in the flavors of grade school nostalgia.
Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and cookies & cream bars give a much-needed sugar rush. 

Each baked good is infused with 50 mg Delta-8-THC.

"The Delta 8 edibles that we offer may vary by location, but we're making all of these available to everyone who needs them, everywhere possible, through our online store at,” said Benton Purtle, Deep Six CBD operations manager.

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