Company: Process Sensors Corporation


Equipment Snapshot: The QuikTest analyzer performs rapid at-line analysis of moisture and oil content of ingredients, in-process samples, and final products for quality control. Designed for use on the production floor, the QuikTest measures moisture and/or oil from solid, powdered or paste samples such as coffee, cookies, snack foods, hummus, and cannabis to ensure the utmost efficiency in their manufacturing.

The analyzer’s simple interface and intuitive operation make it easy for plant operators to make reliable measurements with little or no training. No sample preparation or harsh chemicals are required, and calibrations can be made from as few as five samples in minutes.

With a rugged polycarbonate design and compact footprint, the QuikTest analyzer can be set up almost anywhere, ideal for busy factories so that sampling and results are close to production. 

The QuikTest comes with either a standard static or rotating sample stage for non-homogeneous samples. Additional sample accessories are available, including disposable petri dishes and disposable polymer bags for easy sample handling with no cleanup.

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