CBD Living has launched a new cannabis brand, THC Living, to better address the full needs of its customer base. 

“At CBD Living, we pride ourselves on having absolutely zero THC in any of our products, verified by independent third-party labs and posted online for full transparency,” says Bill DiSegna, founder and CEO of CBD Living and THC Living. “These CBD-only products are ideal for people who do not desire a psychoactive effect. However, we have many loyal customers whose health needs require THC, or a mix of THC and CBD, for full relief. We are happy to bring a broader selection of products to these people.” 

THC Living 16-oz. sugar-free beverages contain 100 mg THC and are available in three flavors: Mango Lemonade, Pink Lemonade and Arnie 50/50 (a mix of Lemonade and Iced Tea flavors). The 100 mg dose is ideal for those experimenting to find the right amount of THC for them, as users can choose to drink part of the beverage and save the rest for later, or consume the full amount based on their specific needs.

THC Living beverages can also be mixed with water or other ingredients to make cocktails and mocktails. THC Living beverages are manufactured using THC Living’s Proprietary Water Soluble Nanotechnology, wherein a nano-emulsion process homogenizes oil into water and makes the THC more bioavailable. 

THC Living products are sold throughout California.

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