LOKI has introduced a seltzer made with 20 mg hemp-derived Delta-8-THC.

Delta-8-THC is one of the lesser-known natural elements of the cannabis plant. It differs from its more commonly known relative Delta-9-THC by a slight variation in molecular structure. Most cannabis users experience the potent effects of Delta-9, as it makes up the majority of the plant's THC presence. Delta-8 offers consumers a far lower psychotropic potency, while still giving them the ability to immerse in prolonged and enjoyable moments.

LOKI offers a clean alternative to alcohol that delivers a unique sensation. With five main active ingredients, one serving of naturally-flavored LOKI contains 5 calories, zero sugars and zero carbs per 12-oz. can.

"People are seeking alternatives to alcohol and exploring cannabis products with increasing enthusiasm these days. That's what brought us together as founders,” said LOKI Partner Harji Singh. “LOKI was developed on that shared desire, to have a better choice in beverages on nights out – so you could enjoy yourself, without being slowed down the next day. We were inspired to shine a different light on the evolving cannabis industry, showcasing this alternative to alcohol that still provides an immersive experience. We wanted to create something that made us feel euphoric, sociable, creative, and inspired. A noticeable enhancement, while also being a low-key experience. After many months of research, development, and rigorous testing we're very excited to finally share LOKI with the world.”

LOKI is now available via select retailers and directly from siploki.com. Delta-8 is federally legal as it is below the 0.3 percent THC threshold, but given the presence of any THC, the brand warns consumers may not pass a drug test after consuming LOKI.

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