ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) has partnered with Inanna Manufacturing for the production of ALT’s proprietary clear liquid THC products. 

Offering white label and co-packing services to California cannabis brands, Inanna Manufacturing takes products from creation to production. ALT and Inanna have teamed up on ALT’s proprietary process, which uses nanotechnology to create water-compatible products. During this process, the particle size of cannabis is decreased, leading to far faster and more effective absorption by the body, also known as greater bioavailability. 

“It’s rare to see a truly ‘new’ infused product, but ALT is just that - an innovative form paired with versatile application and rapid onset,” said Jason Klein, president, Inanna Manufacturing. “Our team at Inanna welcomed the challenge of bringing this vision to life, and could not be more proud of the results. We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with ALT, and further exciting offerings to come.”

Through this partnership, ALT and Inanna will produce and manufacture liquid THC, CBD, and rare cannabinoid formulations within Inanna’s state-of-the-art facility. In addition, ALT is launching its wholesale and white-label business with Inanna, focused on helping third-party brands through ALT’s emulsion technology. The group’s focus is to be a premier provider of nanoemulsions for the beverage and edible industry.

“ALT’s proprietary technology is complex and completely unique, requiring us to partner with a best-in-class manufacturer to ensure precision products that deliver consistent ALT experiences every time,” said Robert B. Davis, co-founder of ALT. “Inanna understands and believes in our vision and has the right in-house expertise and science team to support ALT’s mission to enhance human potential through premium liquid cannabis products.”

ALT is available in singles and 5-packs (5 mg and 10 mg THC per vial) in dispensaries throughout California, including Cookies, Sherbinskis and Atrium. ALT is now available for delivery across the state on Eaze.

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