Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. has announced plans to acquire Bohemian Beverage Co.

Bohemian Beverage Co. has a portfolio of more than 20 unique beverage brands, including CBD-infused teas, kombuchas, beers, ciders, ready-to-drink cocktails and more, which are directly distributed and sold through the company’s own subsidiary storefront. 

Bohemian Beverage Co. was also the very first brewery, cidery, distillery and manufacturer of CBD beverages in the state of Virginia. By creating stylish, youthful branding, promoted through social media and successful event planning, they have sustained interaction, engagement and participation from their target market.  

“Over the past nine years, we’ve created a new beer with a unique recipe, label and marketing plan every two weeks,” said Bohemian Beverage Co. founder Josh Canada. “More than 230 beverages later, we’re leveraging these talents to launch several exciting new brands in the CBD, nonalcoholic, cider and ready-to-drink categories.”

Demand for Bohemian Beverage Co. products is outpacing the current production capabilities. To meet the growth, the next step in their expansion is to build a state-of-the-art production facility that has the capability and licencing to produce beer, distilled spirits, cider, wine, CBD-infused and nonalcoholic beverages. This serves to leverage both existing and new distribution networks to grow current brands and expand upon brands in development. 

As part of this transaction, Green Hygienics will invest in the construction of a larger bottling facility, “The Grove Brewery,” that is combined with a farmers’ market on a 5-acre land parcel ideally situated on Portsmouth Boulevard in Chesapeake, Virginia. Virginia became the first Southern state to legalize cannabis, as lawmakers voted to approve Gov. Ralph Northam's proposed changes to a bill that will allow adult cannabis use starting in July 2021.

“The beverage sector is very competitive and there is a steep learning curve,” said Green Hygienics CEO Ron Loudon. “This strategic acquisition will allow us to enter the CBD-infused drink market supported by expertise and existing distribution while mitigating risk and, more significantly, will bring immediate revenue and hard assets to our financials. When you compare this brand portfolio to any of the large marketers in the space, it quickly becomes evident what extraordinary potential exists in this opportunity. … Green Hygienics can provide a strategic advantage in the marketplace by introducing novel cannabinoids and targeted bio-delivery technologies to the formulations. The Bohemian Beverage Co. team has laid the foundation for something fantastic. We look forward to working with them and taking this to the next level.”

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