High Life Farms (HLF), a vertically integrated cannabis company with operations in Michigan and California, has introduced Nuggies, bite-sized pretzel cores with THC-infused outer shells.

Launching in a chocolate peanut butter variety, Nuggies are available for purchase in 10-piece, 100 mg THC packages at dispensaries across Michigan. They feature creamy chocolate and peanut butter that coat crunchy pretzel balls, which are lightly dusted with salt for the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Nuggies are the latest addition to HLF's portfolio of cannabis-infused edibles, including its award-winning Royal Chocolate Bars and bite-sized Crown Jewels. 

"HLF has been anticipating the Nuggies release for a long time, especially considering the monumental success we've seen with our Royal Chocolate Bar varieties," said Ben Celani, co-founder of High Life Farms. "It's been fun experimenting with different flavors, sizes and textures for our chocolate product rollouts. Nuggies offer a snackable option for those looking for a savory contrast to our chocolate bars, making them a great addition to HLF's product portfolio. The chocolate peanut butter Nuggies have been a hit with the HLF team, so we're thrilled to finally share them with our Michigan customers and look forward to creating additional Nuggies flavors that hit it out of the park throughout the rest of the year."

Consumers can look forward to additional Nuggie varieties rolling out throughout 2021 as HLF continues to expand its retail footprint and product portfolio.

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