Company: Socati Corp

Ingredient Snapshot: Socati has been awarded USDA Organic certification through the Montana State Department of Agriculture after a rigorous evaluation process which required a full, detailed review of several key areas of its operations, including an in-depth review of Socati’s manufacturing records, analysis of the credentials and credibility of each supplier, and confirmation of meticulous cleanliness standards upheld in Socati’s processing facility. With the USDA Organic certification in place, Socati has launched organic CBD ingredients for brands looking to bring high quality organic CBD products to market. The ingredients include broad-spectrum CBD oils and full-spectrum CBD oils. Both are rich in minor cannabinoids. The USDA Organic Seal is one of the most recognized and trusted certifications among U.S. consumers and retailers, and provides authoritative assurance to consumers on the supply chain integrity of certified CBD products. In addition to assuring no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used in the cultivation of hemp, USDA Organic certification also ensures farmers and manufacturers are using sustainable practices.


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