Isca, a premium CBD soda brand, was developed by British chef Michael Caines, who holds two Michelin stars and is the brand’s director of flavor development. The sodas are produced in California and made with all natural ingredients, including US grown, premium hemp extract known for its bioavailability. Isca are available for nationwide shipping direct-to-consumer via the brand’s website,
Isca refreshes the mind and palate by providing the sought-after benefits of high-quality CBD while also being drinkable. Available in four varieties—Cola, Ginger Ale, Indian Tonic and Pink Grapefruit & Rose, Isca drinkers will be able to see and taste the carefully blended, naturally sourced ingredients that make up each premium soda. 

Because it’s flavor forward, it is intended to be enjoyed solo, but each flavor has been carefully crafted to be used as both a perfect cocktail or zero proof libation mixer. Each discernable flavor is composed using Chef Caines’ strict standards for authentically sourced ingredients starting with certified, traceable, US-grown premium hemp. 

Caines’ mission is to set Isca apart by focusing on the depth of flavor, meaning with each sip there are different notes on the front, middle and back end of the palate that contribute to the overall experience, while also removing the natural bitterness that CBD beverages tend to exude. 

Caines applied the attentiveness and thoughtfulness that a master chef would put into any dish they create to the flavor development, using Jamaican Kola Nut amplified with a careful blend of Ceylon cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla to create a more natural, botanical Cola unlike any other and taking inspiration from a dessert at his restaurant at Michelin starred Lympstone Manor for the Pink Grapefruit & Rose varietal.