The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.’s wholly-owned European subsidiary, HemPoland, is launching CannabiGold Sport, a line of hemp-derived CBD pre- and post-workout supplements designed for professional and recreational athletes.

"Expanding our CannabiGold portfolio is at the core of our growth strategy,” says Michal Lewandowski, president of HemPoland. “The brand is well established in Europe and CannabiGold Sport fills a gap in the market. The health and wellness trend continues to be top-of-mind for many Europeans and this new line is designed to fit with our consumers' lifestyle. We are reaping the benefits of our early investments in research and development. Over the last two years, our CannabiGold portfolio went from 7 to 31 SKUs, a testament to the contribution of TGOD to HemPoland's continued growth.”

CannabiGold Sport oils are available in five different formulations, each developed to support sport enthusiasts at different stages of their training. They contain different plant-derived ingredients and vitamins, combined with pure CBD in coconut MCT oil.

  • CannabiGold Sport Boost: Ginger, chili extract, coffee extract and 250 mg CBD
  • CannabiGold Sport Focus: Cocoa extract, vitamin A+E, and 250 mg CBD
  • CannabiGold Sport Recover: Turmeric extract, vitamin D3, and 250 mg CBD
  • CannabiGold Sport Relax: Lemon balm extract, hops, lavender, and 250 mg of pure CBD
  • CannabiGold Sport Pro: Designed for professional athletes, ultra-high potency with 2500 mg CBD, and compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency's regulations

CannabiGold Sport oils come in glass packaging for longer shelf life and to protect the integrity of the ingredients. Each bottle features an easy-to-use pump dispenser for precise dosing, designed for on-the-go oral consumption before or after a workout.

The ingredients used in the CannabiGold Sport line are obtained using HemPoland's proprietary supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction technique developed specifically for hemp, the result of several years of research and development. The outcome is a CBD extract without the use of any synthetic cannabinoids.

Each batch of CannabiGold dietary supplements undergoes analysis at every stage of the production process, ensuring product safety and integrity. In addition to thorough tests carried out by HemPoland's quality control laboratory, products are also tested by external laboratories for microbiological purity, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

The CannabiGold Sport line complements HemPoland's existing CannabiGold portfolio which comprises oil, capsules and cosmetics. The new line will initially be distributed in Poland, Germany, and the UK, with plans to expand distribution to other European countries where CannabiGold products are already available. Distribution outside Europe could be considered at a later stage.

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