Nine months after Molson Coors Beverage Company and Hexo Corp announced plans to team up under the joint venture Truss CBD USA, the pair has introduced Veryvell CBD beverages in Colorado.

As a zero-calorie, zero-sugar sparkling water formulated to suit three separate need occasions, Veryvell targets consumers with wellness in mind, says Truss CBD USA general manager Jane Armstrong Hockman.

Hockman recently spoke to Cannabis Products about the Truss partnership, the development of the Veryvell brand, and the benefits of using adaptogens.

CP: Why was Molson Coors interested in the CBD space? Did shifts in the alcohol market have anything to do with it?

JAH: This is part of the strategy to revitalize Molson Coors and grow beyond the beer aisle with wine and spirits, non-alcoholic drinks and cannabis beverages. CBD beverages are a growing segment within the non-alcoholic beverage category, and this joint venture provides us an opportunity to build capabilities in Colorado.

CP: What made HEXO Corp an attractive partner for a joint venture?

JAH: Hexo is an award-winning consumer packaged good cannabis company that creates and distributes innovative products to serve the global cannabis market. 

CP: What made Colorado an ideal place to launch Veryvell?

JAH: Colorado has an established regulatory framework in place that covers the production, marketing, labeling and sale of CBD-infused products. The joint venture will approach this opportunity in full alignment with our commitment to commercial responsibility, transparency and compliance. 

CP: What was the inspiration behind the Veryvell name?

JAH: Veryvell is a better for you wellness brand. The name Veryvell is a play on the expression “very well.” It nods to the fact that our consumer knows themselves best, and we hope to offer something that will help them feel “well,” or should I say “Veryvell,” for their individual wellness needs.

CP: Why start with sparkling water versus another type of beverage?

JAH: We choose sparkling water because Veryvell is a wellness beverage. It was made with 4 simple ingredients, zero sugar and zero calories.

CP: How would you describe the development process of the first three beverages? Who is Veryvell’s target audience?

JAH: As beverage specialists, we understand that taste matters. That’s why we make sparkling CBD waters with deliciously bright, refreshing flavors. Each Veryvell beverage has their own surprising hints of naturally-sourced botanicals and fresh fruit flavors.  

Focus features a cool, crisp and lightly carbonated mix of grapefruit and tarragon. Mind & Body highlights the delightful tropical notes of strawberry and hibiscus. And Unwind presents the fresh and soothing flavors of blueberry and lavender. 

It targets a wellness occasion. 

CP: Why include adaptogens?

JAH: Each beverage in the product line offers a unique blend of CBD and adaptogens, giving consumers the freedom to pick the combination that best meets them in the moment.

CP: What’s next for Truss CBD USA? Any extensions for the Veryvell line? Or totally new lines? 

JAH: We are always working on other potential offerings for our consumers and continue to assess all categories in the beverage format.

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