Convenience store chain Yesway is adding four new CBD brands with 14 new SKUs to its packaged beverage category.

The new brands being introduced include Kill Cliff, DEFY, Weller and CBD Living Sparkling Water. These four brands each offer unique health benefits in recognizable products that help bring CBD to consumers in underserved markets.

DEFY’s CBD performance beverage is built for athletes. It allows users to reap the muscle recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, without psychoactive side effects or negative career ramifications. 

Kill Cliff CBD is a hemp-infused recovery drink that delivers hydration, replenishment and the functional benefits of CBD. The formula includes a high quality hemp infusion, along with B vitamins, electrolytes, green tea caffeine and plant extracts. Each 12-oz. can provides 25 mg of CBD. 

Additionally, Yesway is introducing CBD-infused sparkling water from both Weller and CBD Living. Weller CBD Sparkling Water contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, along with zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar. CBD Living Sparkling Water combines 100 percent organic CBD extract with vitamins and minerals for added health and immunity benefits. 

“CBD is yet another example of Yesway’s continued dedication to introducing health and wellness products to our customers,” said Alan Adato, merchandising and procurement manager, Yesway. “Further, it is important to our social commitment to bringing health and wellness items, in a meaningful way, to areas that do not have easy access to these products.” 

Yesway is currently the nation’s leading retailer when it comes to the scope of its CBD offerings, which now include supplements, topicals, shots, confectionery, smoking and non-smoking, and packaged beverages with top brands. Companies interested in item placement, or for more information on this topic, please contact Yesway’s CBD category partner, Dorsey Sparks, President of BettermentRS, at 515-635-1322 or

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