Parallel announced that its Surterra Wellness retail brand in Florida has introduced an expanded variety of new medical cannabis product offerings. 

Customers looking for new product forms and tastes will find five new products on Surterra Wellness dispensary shelves. These include:

  • Heights Dark Chocolate Bar: Each vegan bar of chocolate contains approximately 100 mg of THC and approximately 5 mg THC per piece.
  • Heights Sublingual Tablets: These vegan tablets come in a sweet mint flavor and contain a discreet micro-dose of approximately 2.5 mg of THC per tablet.
  • Coral Reefer Chews: Available in Pineapple, Tangerine and Mixed Berry flavors, each contain approximately 5 mg of THC per vegan chew.
  • Surterra Wellness Sublingual Drops: Similar to a traditional lozenge, these are sugar-free available in three targeted cannabinoid ratios of 12.5:1 (Orange), 1:1 (Lemon), and 1:9 (Watermelon) with approximately 5 mg of total active cannabinoids per piece.
  • Surterra Wellness Sublingual TheraGels: The first of its kind on the market, these dissolvable soft gels are available in Watermelon with two dosing options of approximately 2.5 mg and approximately 5 mg of THC per theragel.

“We are most excited about our new brand Heights, which we are introducing with a delicious dark chocolate bar and Florida's first sublingual in a cool mint flavor," said Liz Conway, president of Surterra Wellness / Parallel Florida. "While holiday shopping will look a little different than last year as we continue our COVID-19 safety measures, and encourage order ahead and curbside delivery, our aim is to please our Florida patients and keep them coming back to Surterra Wellness by introducing the best and most innovative products on the shelves at a variety of price points and offer compelling holiday discounts and promotions."

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