To help cannabis manufacturers meet this rapidly growing demand, Green Mill Supercritical has introduced the Parallel Pro, designed with increased capacity in mind but without forfeiting the control and precision required to produce high quality oils.

“Our customers are working in a constantly changing market, where legislation, changing preferences, increasing adoption rates and newly opening markets impact demand and the bottom line every day,” said Wes Reynolds, CEO of Green Mill Supercritical. “We developed the Parallel Pro with this challenge in mind by creating a machine that allows for increased capacity to scale as a manufacturer’s market grows, and pivot when it changes.”

Competitor designs that increase capacity through upsizing extraction components end up sacrificing precision, control and efficiency, according to Reynolds. The Parallel Pro provides maximum control over pressure, temperature and flow rate during supercritical CO₂ extractions. At the same time, the Parallel Pro enables producers to increase yields in roughly the same amount of time required for much smaller yields with other machines.

“Most companies increase throughput by building larger and larger components — extraction and collection vessels, pump, heat exchanger and more,” Reynolds said. “You make everything bigger to increase production. But when you do that, you require more time and electricity per pound of biomass processed. The Parallel Pro requires just a slightly larger footprint than our workhorse SFE Pro, but doubles all the things it does so well, at a very attractive price point.”

The Parallel Pro offers the following sought-after features:

  • Doubling the throughput and flow rate of Green Mill Supercritical’s SFE Pro machine, at least 130 pounds per 24 hours
  • A maximum pressure of 6,000 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • A maximum flow rate of 1 kilogram per minute (measured with a mass flow meter)
  • A Weekender Mode that can yield an additional four labor-free extractions every week
  • 3D-printed heat exchanger that heats CO₂ directly, which boosts condition accuracy in the system
  • The same automation, compact footprint, and extraction efficiency of the SFE Pro line of machines

“We engineer and manufacture equipment, but more than that, we are a technology company,” Reynolds said. “The CO₂ extraction equipment space has had challenges living up to some of the basic tenets of tech, including progress in making components smaller and more powerful. Bigger is not always better, and that’s a premise we try to live by.”

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