Wana Wellness is partnering with Leaf411, a nurse-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to distribute broad-spectrum CBD hemp gummies at no cost to qualifying military veterans, as well as to struggling Americans who’ve been hard hit by job loss or income reduction. 

While the pandemic has been difficult for all Americans, the close-knit veteran community has been uniquely challenged, with social distancing and other restrictions impacting their critical social support networks.

“As we all look at how to cope and to help others in our community, this is one small thing we at Wana Wellness can do to make hemp more affordable and accessible to groups that need it,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO, Wana Wellness.

Wana is an industry supporter of Leaf411, which was founded on the belief that affordability and accessibility to professional medical advice should never be barriers to using cannabis and CBD hemp safely and effectively. Throughout November, the nurse-led organization is focused on veterans and cannabis for healing, hosting an online interactive Leaf Learning event on Nov. 19 from 4-7 p.m. MST. The free event will feature representatives from veterans’ organizations from around the country, along with medical experts and industry partners on hand to answer attendees’ questions.

During the November Leaf411 virtual session, participating veterans can sign up for a free one-month supply of Wana Wellness CBD Hemp gummies (one bottle containing 30 gummies, with 20 mg of CBD in each gummy) through a special link provided during the event. A Wana Wellness representative will also be available in Wana Wellness’ virtual vendor booth to answer any questions about using CBD hemp as an alternative for relief and restoration.

Wana Wellness broad-spectrum hemp-derived vegan gummies are made with CBD derived from organic hemp and contain no more than 5 parts per million of THC. They will not cause intoxication or an unwanted “high.” The gummies are produced in a professional facility that complies with good manufacturing practices.

“It is important that we have companies such as Wana that are willing to support us and help those who may not be able to support themselves, especially in these tough times,” said Katherine Golden, RN, Leaf411 co-founder and CEO/Executive Director.

Wana Wellness CBD Hemp gummies will be offered through the Leaf411 Affordability Program in conjunction with the Veterans Affordability Program to individuals who’ve suffered job loss, income reduction or other financial hardships. The program currently serves hundreds of patients, providing scholarships for cannabis medical card evaluations and access to low-cost or free plant medicine for qualifying individuals. Information about the Affordability Program can be found on Leaf411’s website.

“With the pandemic’s economic impacts continuing to ripple across the country, we hear every day from folks who are struggling to afford plant-based medicine, including CBD hemp, that they depend on for relief,” Golden said. “Wana Wellness’s donation will positively impact hundreds of lives while showing the good that can happen when the cannabis industry joins together to support our communities.”

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