SōRSE Technology has developed SōRSE Clear, a stable, clear emulsion with a minimal sensory profile. 

The product made its official debut at SōRSE’s inaugural SōRSE Summit, which was exclusively held for the company’s partners. SōRSE Clear is available immediately for product evaluation.

Clear emulsions are difficult to develop due to the process of getting Refractive Indexes to match. A Refractive Index measures the bending of a ray of light through mediums, with oil droplets that are evenly dispersed reflecting more light. When different Refractive Indexes mix together, the result is a cloudy emulsion. Making a cloudy emulsion turn clear takes months of experimentation trying to match the Refractive Indexes of the oil and water phases.

SōRSE Clear, currently available in isolate, complies with all the main safety and testing protocols, including GMP, GFSI, COA, and FSMA. It contains safe ingredients that are allergen-free and vegan. This clear emulsion can be applied to all product applications, including beverages, nootropics, edibles, topicals, and nutraceuticals.

SōRSE Clear features multiple benefits for product developers, including stability, scalability, safety, bioavailability, improved sensory experience, homogeneity, accurate dosing, and seamless integration.

“2020 has been a year of innovation for SōRSE Technology, and bringing a stable, clear emulsion with minimal sensory impact to market is proof of that,” said SōRSE CEO Howard Lee. “I’m proud of the work our R&D team did to make this happen. It’s a game-changer for the industry.”

“I’m excited that we are adding a clear emulsion to our core portfolio; this will give formulators and product developers the ability to innovate and to cater to the needs within the global food and beverage market,” added SōRSE Director of Research and Analytics Donna Wamsley. “This unique technology has excellent clarity, minimal sensory properties, and stability.”

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