Sweet Reason has introduced Evening Blend, a collection of high-dose CBD sparkling beverages. 

The Evening Blend collection contains a powerful combination of calming herbs, adaptogens and 30 mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD, making it one of the highest dosed CBD beverages on the market.

"We created Evening Blend as a response to these unprecedented times and couldn't be more excited to introduce these beverages as a way to find calm in today's world," says Hilary McCain, founder and CEO of Sweet Reason. "We're on a mission to calm the minds of humankind — we all know 2020 could use a whole lot more of that."

Sweet Reason's Evening Blend is available in three flavors — Plum Blush, Peach Jasmine and Citrus Spice. In addition to containing 30 mg broad-spectrum hemp CBD, Evening Blend contains seven other calming herbs and adaptogens including ashwagandha, ginseng, l-theanine, chamomile, sceletium, lemon balm and limonene.

"We saw ourselves reaching for a cleaner, healthier way to unwind at night without alcohol, so we created our Evening Blend to meet that need," McCain said. "We chose high-quality ingredients that deliver a noticeable calming effect — scientifically-backed cannabinoids, herbs and adaptogens all with known calming benefits. Most alcohol alternatives replicate the taste of alcohol, but not the effect. With Evening Blend, we have formulated a product that does both."

Sweet Reason's Evening Blend is available at $45.99 per 6-pack or $7.50 per bottle. It’s also available in 12- and 24-packs.

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